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Yugi's Discography

Yugi 1st Album CD

- Rokudai -

February 2013 Release
Yugi 2nd Album CD

- 虚空蔵 -

18 June 2015 Release

『kokūzo』 -- 虚空蔵 --

Yugi 2nd Album CD

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kokūzo Contents

1. treasure lotus 大宝蓮華
2. eclipse of the moon 月食
3. mantra 真言
4. flowers 華
5. in the universe 入法界
6. lotus 蓮


After the 3 years’ silence since 六大, Yugi’s new album has been released. Sessions with fine musicians inspired the expression of the crystal bowls. Their unique music can’t be classified by genres like ‘ambient’ or ‘healing’ music. Feel the Yugi’s meditation world with his music.

kokūzo explanatory notes

kokūzo 楽曲解説
no.01treasure lotus 大宝蓮華 

Arranged by Satoshi Kobayashi, who has provided his musical pieces for ZARD and other popular musicians. This music piece has its theme as the treasure lotus pedestal of Kokuzo, the bodhisattva. Kobayashi’s arrangement of using Tibetan musical instrument and Buddhism ritual tool added the unique attractiveness. The magnificent atmosphere is suitable for the beginning of this album.

no.02eclipse of the moon 月食

Total eclipse of the moon inspired Yugi to create this music piece. He was incessantly feeling the power of eclipse. The guitar arrangement by Yuichiro and the violin melody by clala are also amazing. Yugi especially likes this piece as he arranged its bass track.

no.03mantra 真

Arranged by Motoki Shinomiya. Yugi says his ambient music seems to be from a divine source. He expresses the view of the mantra world in a way like something quite dark and stoic.

no.04flowers 華

Arranged by Hosei Tatemizu of Tinörks. This music piece represents flowers offered to Buddha and the atmosphere of its Japanese style is treasured. As for this piece, you can find the detailed commentary in Tatemizu’s blog.

no.05in the universe  入法界

Kenta Tougchi’s arrangement by his enori-on was laid first, and then added was the crystal bowl and the clala’s violin. Despite its innovative arrangement, many are mesmerized by its soft atmosphere.

no.06lotus 蓮

The same melody as in the first piece ‘ treasure lotus大宝蓮華 ’ is played by a crystal bowl solo.

「六大」 -- Rokudai --

Yugi 1st Album CD

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※The CD of 六大 was sold out due to its high popularity.
Please purchase the download version at i-tune or amazon.
六大 Rokudai   The Six Elements Music for meditation
Crystal bowl Yugi

1. 地 chi   11:06
2. 水 sui   07:05
3. 火 ka    06:31
4. 風 hu    04:08
5. 空 ku    11:24
6. 識 shiki 08:00

Message from Yugi

I produced this ambient & meditation music album, featuring crystal bowls’ tune. The title ‘六大(Rokudai)’ is a keyword in the idea of Kobo Daishi Kukai, the founder of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism.
「六大(Rokudai)」means six elements to show the truth of the universe, 「識(shiki)」is added to五大(Godai)「地(chi)・水(sui)・火(ka)・風(hu)・空(ku)」, principal elements that compose the physical earth.
I produced this album for the purpose of expressing the view of Esoteric Buddhism’s world with the theme 「六大(Rokudai)」.

I’m not a musician. Expressing the image of my inner world and putting it into a form as a musical album was quite a challenge for myself.

Several musicians who I respect joined in making this CD album; Yuichiro (Yaneka) as a musical producer, KoichiMatsumura(Undertowrecordings) and
Hosei Tatemizu (tinörks)as a musical piece provider and player, Chiyako(Yaneka) as in the voice part.

They gave me the guidance of making sound source based on my concept, and the ideas to create delicate sounds as well.
I’m sure you are able to perceive something more than what just crystal bowl itself can express. We think we made such refined music pieces. I’d like you to listen to this CD album.

The tone of crystal bowls invites your brain wave to a theta wave.
By listening to this music, your mind will come to be a deeply relaxed state and you’ll undergo the feeling like a meditation.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly when you listen to this album. Sometimes you will become sleepy and restful, sometimes you will find it nice as the BGM for Yoga studio, osteopathic clinic, art exhibition and so on.

Sample this album

六大 楽曲解説
no.01地 chi

地(chi), whose literally meaning is the earth, indicates the immortal symbol of the origin of everything; everything comes from the earth and goes back to the earth.

no.02水 sui

水(sui), whose literal meaning is the water, indicates that the world of enlightenment is beyond our description. However hard one may try to express the feeling, it’s impossible. It’s void. It implies the condition of water; indescribably pure.

no.03火 ka

火(ka), whose literal meaning is the fire, indicates that there is no dust or dirt in this universe; as the fire burns out everything, the sinfulness of one’s heart caused by the prejudice is to be purified by this power .

no.04風 hu

風(hu), whose literal meaning is the wind, indicates the symbol of transcendent power which blows off various kinds of karma or fate.

no.05空 ku

空(ku), whose literal meaning is the sky, indicates the inane or vast empty space and it is Buddha itself. In there, everything is born and everything acts.

no.06識 shiki

識(shiki), whose literal meaning is the knowledge, indicates the existence of self being which recognizes those 五大(five elements). The world is full of existences including ‘me’; the memory of the existence appears as ‘me’.