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Crystal Bowl player Yugi



Crystal bowl performer/
the chief priest of Yakushiin, Shingon Sect of Mt.Koya

Yugi means a Shingon practitioner. The Shingon priest, Yugi, uses this name as a crystal bowl performer to express the meditation world of Buddhism. He released his first album “Rokudai” based on the philosophy of Kobo-Daishi, Kukai in 2012. “Rokudai” is a concept album created by collaborating with the music producer, Yuichiro of YANEKA and powerful musicians.

He released his second album “kokuzo” in 2015. He again had talented and unique musicians to support him creating this album. He also challenged himself arranging the music. This second album expressing the universal view deeper since the first has been highly appraised for its creativity.

Currently yugi plays crystal bowls in live sessions, solo concerts, workshops as well as training himself as a priest.


Crystal bowls

What is a crystal bowl?

It’s an almost pure crystal instrument whose shape is like a mildly curved bowl or basin and its diameter ranges from 10cm to 70cm. The way to create it is to mix finely crashed crystal and silica sand into molds then bake them in a kiln at the temperature between 3000 to 4000 centigrade. Each size has its own pitch. When well assorted, they produce musical scale like piano does( C,D,E,F,G,H,A,B and sharps).

Characteristics of crystal bowl

Because of its tranquil sound, crystal bowl is a desirable instrument to release such as excessive muscle tension and mental stress. It is proven by scientific tests that brain waves change from alfa to theta wave when you hear the sound of them. The frequency of Alfa state is a mental state of relaxed, calm, lucid, not thinking. It bridges Beta state (a state of being awake, normal alert consciousness) and Theta state (a state of deep relaxation and meditation, mental imagery). That’s why crystal bowl works well for relaxation purpose.

Harmonic overtones of crystal bowl

An overtone is any frequency higher than the fundamental frequency of a sound. Crystal bowl can produce several frequencies other than overtones which soothe our exhausted body and mind deep inside. Overtones themselves produce coherent, healing effects on our mind. This means that merging our mind to healing sounds lead bsrain waves from Alfa state to Theta state.

Overtones of crystal bowls not only act on us physically but also penetrate deep inside of our emotions, thoughts, spirituals. As a consequence, it loosens our physical exhaustion. Soothing vibrations of crystal bowls travel down to our cells to open up sanctuary in our mind. Crystal bowls enable us to exercise ourselves to experience the essence of our own life.