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Yugi 2nd Album
「 kokūzo 虚空蔵」

Kokūzo sample movie

Yugi 1st Album
「 Rokudai 六大」

Rokudai sample movie
空 ku
--Yugi & Hosei Tatemizu

Thisis from Commemorative Concert of “ROKUDAI”
*You can access the site tosee the movie at

地 chi
--Yugi & Yuichiro

Thisis one of the music from the album “ROKUDAI”
Unfortunately the battery of the video recorder died in the middle of performance, which forced us to edit the movie from the middle to the end.

火 ka
--Yugi & Koichi Matsumura

Cutting edge performance. We wish if we had a video…


12/oct/2012 undertow recordings

This music was performed at the commemorative event of the first album.
The music is uploaded here.
Yugi leads improvised music, conducted by Koichi Matumura.

Mandara Soundome 3

Music played by Hosei Tatemizu, Masayuki Suzuki, Motoki Shinomiya, & Yugi
Poem read by Yukinobu Kami, Buddha painted by Shohaku Asai

Brian Eno App [ AIR ] & Crystal bowl Yugi session

Yugi’s solo performance with recorded music by Brian Eno on AIR (cell phone application).

Yugi & ENO [ Bloom ] Session

11/may/2013 Mandara Soundome 2

Poem read by Yukinobu Kami. Music by Hosei Tatemizu, Motoki Shinomiya and Yugi

1/Oct/2017 Hearing session

tetsu imai & yugi session